Sunday, October 31, 2010

That Touch of...

We remember as children reading our first magazines, perhaps even a few young adult-style novels with variations on a phrase that stuck with us: “Furrier to the Stars…” Surely, if a woman had a go-to fur specialist, she had made it in life. The effect of a silver screen beauty clutching a pelt over her figure epitomized a certain cozy glamour that is absent from the slink of an evening gown or cling of a cashmere cardigan.

Chubby fox and silken minks had – and have – an immediately catalyzing effect, and lasting allure for those who are comfortable with the concept. Like a good fragrance, a good fur is rare, personal and lasting; passed down between generations of women, who alternately step out in the finery, or choose to safe-keep the piece. Little girls grow up catching at the hems of coats, and falling asleep beneath them. The history and craft of furs is at once storied and ever-present.

When a young man working in Paris by the name of Quentin Veron came to our attention, we were curious: here was a person creating and building a business around the controversial but enduring fur trade, and in a very modern way, staging carefully styled and highly inspired runway shows. The theatrics at once amplify and belie the truly beautiful work.

Shaggy white Fin Raccoon and moody Curly Lamb with Ink-purple Fox trim offer an entry for those not in pursuit of their mother’s fur. Classic auburn and black fox are formed into circular vests that rest on the body with a sense of buoyancy. The shrunken jacket is present, to top the evening gowns of future sirens and passed down to stylish women for generations to come…the past marches forward, energized by the future as envision by Veron.


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