Monday, October 18, 2010

The Recessionistas

“After everything that’s happened…”
This line has become a common kickoff to discussions evolving around Manhattan’s financial profile as of late. Now, more than ever, spending, speculation and savings are intrinsically and necessarily linked; we try our best to remember the fallible nature of our system, while keeping in mind that life is to be lived and enjoyed.
Oddly, in the aftermath of meltdowns it is the consumers who have become beacons of hope. The old Lipstick Index and Hemline Diversity concepts have been recalled, and our Mayor champions the fashion industry with Fashion’s Night Out – a global event. Spending tendencies are tracked, and acknowledged as indicative of a healthy market, specifically with regards to the fashion industry.
People have reemerged with an invigorated, if slightly altered approach to shopping: mulling over purchases before splurging when the moment and object in question are right. At début we celebrate this educated consumer.
We will also celebrate this Wednesday, October 20, the appropriately titled novelThe Recessionistas, by Alexandra Lebenthal. The author, impeccable and as fashion and business-savvy as they come, will hold court at the boutique, and autograph copies of her glossy hardcover. Of course we voraciously read the book, and insist that The Recessionistas must be read by any and everyone – it documents the “Too Big to Fail” implosion, while taking record of the style, moral fiber and humanity against the sparking backdrop of a Judith Lieber-bedecked NYC skyline.

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