Monday, March 28, 2011

Suddenly This Summer

UK-born and bred, but kissed by the Hollywood sun and the colors of Southern France; these qualities, and so many more were whipped into the iconic, fiery, beautiful and enduring personality of the late Elizabeth Taylor.

Many stories will be written about Ms. Taylor as the weeks pass, and her personal style – the ups, downs, and devil-may-care of it all – will be a certain focus; fittingly so, for her love of jewelry has propelled an industry for generations, and created a new legion of famous gems.

The right piece of jewelry absorbs the essence of its owner’s personality, and bestows it to each new wearer – think the Krupp Diamond. Costume, paste, faux, the real thing – they all have the same effect if beautiful, and Liz herself was an ardent fan of all things that sparkled with singularity.

Mawi is on track, then, with an heirloom collection of house favorites, and a fine costume collection of innovative new pieces each season. Our ruby and emerald rock fantasy pieces from Fall have segued to softer, brilliantly-hued looks for Spring.

Tutti Frutti is the name: slick necklaces with modern “claw” settings, and cushion-y cocktail rings with bursts of color in apple green and violet. And exclusively for d├ębut we are armed with a just-for-us group of pieces titled “Deco Rocks”, in shades of glinting coal and steel, sparking a decadent new era for costume wear. Each item is of generous weight, and packs a high-wattage of internal sparkle and light, like La Liz herself. 
 "Tutti Frutti" necklaces, bracelet and cocktail ring
$355 - $595
"Deco Rocks" awesome "Fang" necklace - $595

*Header: "Deco Rocks" stacked tube earrings - $355

Sunday, March 20, 2011

I know this much is true

There is something to be said for the familiar, tried and true,
No less thrilling than something new.
A pick-me-up when you’re feeling blue…
Okay, enough with attempts at faux-haiku. We’ve received our latest Calla collection. The Paris-based talent, introduced first at debut with her launch Spring 2010 collection, has successfully made all-over print cool and accessible for a new generation. In the manner of Emilio Pucci, Calla Haynes has made her unique textiles a hallmark.

Inspired by the creativity of Niki de Sainte Phalle and Maria Felix, the prints are hand-designed and eye-catching while remaining neutral enough so as to not overpower the wearer.

What feels fresh is her stable of evolving silhouettes. As always we have sleek, fitted jersey mini dresses and leggings splashed with a chorus of harmonious colors.

New to the collection are soft and easy sweatshirt dresses, loose jersey tops with swing for summer, and a lean and mean column “gown”. A girl with access to a yacht come July in the South of France will feel quite at home on a breezy ship prow in this number, and equally so for a night out at VIP club. Those remaining in the City will take refuge from the white heat of the sun in Calla’s shattered-glass print mini dress rendered in cool shades of blue.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Look

Heikki Salonen throws it all at us, but in subtle doses: clean lines, 80s and 90s abstract skate culture references and Native American twang. The Finnish designer has been with debut for two seasons, and is in his third as an independent brand (following a stint at British darling brand Erdem, and appointment as Creative Consultant to Diesel). 

Fall/Winter was blade-runner sleek, with sheared chiffon-inset knit trousers worthy of the Bauhaus, a hunter green lambskin sheath dress, and what have become (at least in our eyes) signature raw-edges and layers.

Spring 2011 ushers in a lighter hand, with buoyant linen pieces in shades of smoke and off-season Oceanside.

A chalk white dress features a shredded and layered “ruffle” hem that wouldn’t look out of place on a girl sporting Vans. The same goes for a below-the knee slip on “ruffle” hem skirt with side pockets riding low on the hips. Pair with knuckle duster spike rings, a t-shirt of any make and size and move.

Lacking for sophistication the collection is not, however. A sheath dress with a gently folded neckline and an asymmetric cropped linen blazer are for the girl with a surfboard strapped to her car, and a corner office waiting for her on Mondays.

Heikki’s clothing is meant to be lived in and loved in any state, and our bursting rack at debut will surely dwindle in early days this season.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Whip Lash

One of the best things Fashion can afford is the ability for talent to transcend commerce, trends and fickle consumers to smack us in the face with something that doesn’t say just, “fashion”.

One designer that has achieved this feat, stepping neatly aside of the commercial-creative combustion machine is Christopher Raeburn. He has been quietly, but with buzz, building a collection of eye-catching slickers, raincoats and outerwear that generally stops all passers-by in their tracks.

First: the colors – army green, highlighter orange, chalk white and lemon yellow. Second: the cuts – razor-like, matrix quality contouring, ruching and visible seams lend a neo-futuristic slant. Finally: the basis of found and re-claimed materials taken from the ranks of our soldiers, naval officers and air force. It all harkens to Helmut-era Helmut Lang modernity without being derivative.

In store we have the perfect in absolutely every sense of the word quilted vest for layering or to wear alone. In a mini bag, stow a parachute topper to pull out in the face of unexpected weather. You’ll feel good about it – for those who care, you will feel indisputably cool. For those who don’t know or care to distinguish L.L. Bean from Balenciaga, you’ll feel unencumbered, dry and also, indisputably cool.

Tyvek Parka - white with army dots

Quilted Gilet - army
Parachute Hoodie: triple dot