Sunday, March 6, 2011

Whip Lash

One of the best things Fashion can afford is the ability for talent to transcend commerce, trends and fickle consumers to smack us in the face with something that doesn’t say just, “fashion”.

One designer that has achieved this feat, stepping neatly aside of the commercial-creative combustion machine is Christopher Raeburn. He has been quietly, but with buzz, building a collection of eye-catching slickers, raincoats and outerwear that generally stops all passers-by in their tracks.

First: the colors – army green, highlighter orange, chalk white and lemon yellow. Second: the cuts – razor-like, matrix quality contouring, ruching and visible seams lend a neo-futuristic slant. Finally: the basis of found and re-claimed materials taken from the ranks of our soldiers, naval officers and air force. It all harkens to Helmut-era Helmut Lang modernity without being derivative.

In store we have the perfect in absolutely every sense of the word quilted vest for layering or to wear alone. In a mini bag, stow a parachute topper to pull out in the face of unexpected weather. You’ll feel good about it – for those who care, you will feel indisputably cool. For those who don’t know or care to distinguish L.L. Bean from Balenciaga, you’ll feel unencumbered, dry and also, indisputably cool.

Tyvek Parka - white with army dots

Quilted Gilet - army
Parachute Hoodie: triple dot

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