Sunday, November 28, 2010


MAWI, the standout new accessories collection we wrote of last week, has already developed a loyal following, which we hinted at. Namely one lithe, bob-haired Brit who appears in this Sunday's New York Times Style Section. She's been marked as that ineffably cool, international girl - the one who wears flats with ball gowns and a denim jacket, and still has a trail of admirers - male and female from Los Angeles to Tokyo. It would be easy, but a bit boring to wax poetically about "it-girls" we'll leave you with an image. The endorsement has been made:

Debut will soon receive this collection favorite - a jewelry box cluster of mixed gold and silver-plated chains, with pale sky-gray costume pearls, and a delicately suspended sapphire and skull charm. You'll need one for you, one for your sister, one for your mother...the list goes on.

For inquiries and to pre-order, please call Debut at 212.343.2717

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Future Pre-History: MAWI

There is something comforting and eternally right about costume jewelry; it’s as if the pieces are proven keepsakes before purchased. The history and technique – not to forget the unusual and often twisted material elements – that are involved with the art are inherent and essential. And something about the quirk factor and variant nature of costume pieces appeals to an inner sensibility of the soul.

Take Mawi – London-based, naturally (home of effortless, top-notch quirk) – a new collection of hard-edged metal and brilliant or darkly-colored gemstones dappled by a skull and spike motif for the Autumn/Winter collections. They traverse a line that can best be described as “upstairs-downstairs”. Picture a family of chic women: the matriarch with her mother’s chandelier earrings, baroque pearls and gold-leaf foiled necklaces, which she keeps stored in soft velvet boxes in the master suite; the daughter, who grows up admiring and then stealing away the jewels for nights of dancing. Perhaps she pins a brooch to the slick satin lapel of a menswear tuxedo blazer. Then she winds a tangle of metal and weathered gemstones around her wrist. It all takes on a vibrant new personality, while maintaining the past life.

Mawi’s respect for the elegance and stature of yesteryear’s work is ever-present, and enhanced by a strict motivation for contemporary craftsmanship and design. Gold plating becomes futuristic in aerodynamic tubes encircling the neck. Hematite spikes and jade crystals trump the dusty diamond multitudes roving private clubs. Each as unstoppable as the next in visual punch, and simply put: mesmerizing, just as the costume jewelers of days past intended. 

In order of appearance:
Gold plated Sunray Tube Necklace - $585
Hematite plated Onyx and Crystal Skull Necklace - $630
Gold plated Jade and Crystal Skull Bracelet - $495
Assorted Drop Earrings: $315 - $360
Gold plated Double Claw "ruby" Crystal and Spike Bracelet - $608

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bananas for Loquita

We wrote about Loquita’s silken scarves this summer, which have since wafted off the shelves and onto the shoulders of many. Mesh-like, yet substantial…cool-handed, but with texture, the prints range from classic chain link to just south of twisted (pink and red guns, vintage axes interspersed with Swallows). Why, you might ask? Why not – the scarves are, in a word, perfect.

Everyone will wear these, whether self-bought or received tumbling from a neat white gift box in the weeks to come. Now Loquita has taken us again, not with a print, but with a new take on the scarf: soft, deeply-hued fox furs backed in silk twill prints. The pieces are meant to be add-ons for fall and winter, worn beneath the lapels of an overcoat or tuxedo blazer for added warmth, or looped over a slim sweater.

In two variations: a simple circle, a bit like a snood (that will also lie flat, as a shawl), or a cravat-like version, clasping just below the collar bone – the finishing element to all we’ll wear these coming days. While today is rather warm for mid-November, we feel like peacocks as we write and wear our new Loquita – something of the decadence of the 20s, when women wore mink and had dresses for different times of day, feels present when cozying up to silk and fox. 

Sunday, November 7, 2010

That Timo Year

We first wrote about Timo Weiland this Summer, introducing our readers and customers to the fresh collection of polished dresses and separates. The confections rapidly became essential for girls dashing off to weddings, or looking to simply feel pretty and uncomplicated.

The need to strategize how to wear, or categorize one’s existing closet and where a “Timo” piece might fit is entirely unnecessary. It works as follows:

1. See dress/blouse/coat/blazer
2. Try garment(s) on
3. Smile at self in mirror; admire a bit longer than necessary
4. Reconsider that office mate's holiday party; make mental note to RSVP
5. Take home; wear again, again and again
6. Freely accept all compliments

Timo is a Southern born gent who knows how girls dress. He resides presently in New York surrounded by pretty things, and with business partner Alan Eckstein continues to put forth bright new – totally timeless – looks.

Take a phoenix-red pleated swing dress and pair with tough black ankle boots or sweet ballet flats. Top with a lean camel blazer with teardrop hemline, or take the latter out with denim and riding boots to Sarabeth’s for brunch.

A mother’s jewel box was surely raided for the emerald and jade tones Timo whirled together for his washed silk wonder – a mini dress with flowing cape clasped by skinny blue satin belt. The colors cascade over one another and the movement is fleeting but perfect – American sportswear for late nights to come.