Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bananas for Loquita

We wrote about Loquita’s silken scarves this summer, which have since wafted off the shelves and onto the shoulders of many. Mesh-like, yet substantial…cool-handed, but with texture, the prints range from classic chain link to just south of twisted (pink and red guns, vintage axes interspersed with Swallows). Why, you might ask? Why not – the scarves are, in a word, perfect.

Everyone will wear these, whether self-bought or received tumbling from a neat white gift box in the weeks to come. Now Loquita has taken us again, not with a print, but with a new take on the scarf: soft, deeply-hued fox furs backed in silk twill prints. The pieces are meant to be add-ons for fall and winter, worn beneath the lapels of an overcoat or tuxedo blazer for added warmth, or looped over a slim sweater.

In two variations: a simple circle, a bit like a snood (that will also lie flat, as a shawl), or a cravat-like version, clasping just below the collar bone – the finishing element to all we’ll wear these coming days. While today is rather warm for mid-November, we feel like peacocks as we write and wear our new Loquita – something of the decadence of the 20s, when women wore mink and had dresses for different times of day, feels present when cozying up to silk and fox. 

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