Sunday, November 28, 2010


MAWI, the standout new accessories collection we wrote of last week, has already developed a loyal following, which we hinted at. Namely one lithe, bob-haired Brit who appears in this Sunday's New York Times Style Section. She's been marked as that ineffably cool, international girl - the one who wears flats with ball gowns and a denim jacket, and still has a trail of admirers - male and female from Los Angeles to Tokyo. It would be easy, but a bit boring to wax poetically about "it-girls" we'll leave you with an image. The endorsement has been made:

Debut will soon receive this collection favorite - a jewelry box cluster of mixed gold and silver-plated chains, with pale sky-gray costume pearls, and a delicately suspended sapphire and skull charm. You'll need one for you, one for your sister, one for your mother...the list goes on.

For inquiries and to pre-order, please call Debut at 212.343.2717

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