Sunday, November 7, 2010

That Timo Year

We first wrote about Timo Weiland this Summer, introducing our readers and customers to the fresh collection of polished dresses and separates. The confections rapidly became essential for girls dashing off to weddings, or looking to simply feel pretty and uncomplicated.

The need to strategize how to wear, or categorize one’s existing closet and where a “Timo” piece might fit is entirely unnecessary. It works as follows:

1. See dress/blouse/coat/blazer
2. Try garment(s) on
3. Smile at self in mirror; admire a bit longer than necessary
4. Reconsider that office mate's holiday party; make mental note to RSVP
5. Take home; wear again, again and again
6. Freely accept all compliments

Timo is a Southern born gent who knows how girls dress. He resides presently in New York surrounded by pretty things, and with business partner Alan Eckstein continues to put forth bright new – totally timeless – looks.

Take a phoenix-red pleated swing dress and pair with tough black ankle boots or sweet ballet flats. Top with a lean camel blazer with teardrop hemline, or take the latter out with denim and riding boots to Sarabeth’s for brunch.

A mother’s jewel box was surely raided for the emerald and jade tones Timo whirled together for his washed silk wonder – a mini dress with flowing cape clasped by skinny blue satin belt. The colors cascade over one another and the movement is fleeting but perfect – American sportswear for late nights to come. 

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