Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Blueprint for Dressing

UK-based Clare Lopeman has created a collection of look-again separates for her international debut, and the Fall 2010 season.

In a pure vision of the palest of shell pinks, the base of each silky jersey sheath dress d├ębut carries serves as canvas for Lopeman’s inspired transcriptions of vintage patterns found in ‘100 Dresses’ – a classic Soviet dressmaking book reflecting key shapes and silhouettes established in 50's French couture. Evident is the meta concept of infusing, and revising these patterns into body-conscious, classic shapes for the modern wearer.

Ranging from complex and literal with Russian notations, to the abstract distillation of these, the dresses garner energy from the blueprints of their predecessors. The graphic blockings and lines of the pattern – or concept of pattern – add a contoured effect to each garment.

Lopeman further defines her silhouettes with softly sculpted shoulders. The work is eye-catching, deserving of further inspection, and will stand alone or serve as a layer beneath a cool leather jacket and piles of chains this season.  

 Clare Lopeman Jersey Dresses - $726

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