Tuesday, October 26, 2010


The quest for IT. The ineffable qualities of must-haveness. The existence of perfect proportions, materials and minute details that, while imperceptible from afar, constitute THE bag every woman must own. Rare indeed. If anyone knows how to seek out and render these characteristics, it would be designer Sang A Im-Prop. 

Hailing from South Korea, Sang A embarked on a very early, enduring and highly successful career as a dancer and true pop star. Through the creative channels so oft-associated with performance, Sang A cultivated an identifiable and influential sense of style, and was drawn increasingly to fashion as a profession. On her own volition she took a right turn – no pun intended – and traveled to New York City, enrolling at the Parsons School of Design upon arrival.

For Spring 2006 she launched her namesake collection of exotic skin handbags with catchy names, a carryover from her record deal days. Inspired by downtown New York street attitude, and the exotic skins and construction she researched in the workshops of European luxury houses, SANG A hits a mark that straddles high concept design and visual gratification.

SANG A's colors, materials and shapes have near-addictive, instant appeal. From moody, multidimensional metallic pythons to fantastic, trippy seasnake, croc and mink. The POP is an elongated bucket style with shoulder and handheld straps. MINI POP is an abbreviated, but still roomy version of POP. And this holiday season will undoubtedly see a lot of the FLASH, a signature angled clutch, in crimson metallic fish and stardusted leopard suede.

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