Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Shins

At début we have a tendency to revere show-stoppers – detailed, sculptural and fantastical pieces ranging from the muted, yet fierce, to the vivid and playful. There’s a time though, when our eyes and our wardrobes need a soothing element. This would be where Shin comes in for the Spring/Summer 2010 season.

Shin is a collection constructed to be non t-shirt in presence, but t-shirt in feel. Designer and namesake, Shin, graduated from FIT in 2007, and was promptly honored as a finalist in the Gen Art 2008 Styles competition. She likes to play with the dichotomy of traditional jersey sweats – the material is relaxed and casual, yet malleable and perfectly open to being customized, manipulated and refined based on her references to fine art and architecture.

It’s something we’d wear every day, and we’d feel comfortable, but quietly provocative; hinting at not caring, but also being a bit of a risk taker. This is more than we can express with our jeans and sailor stripes during seasonal wardrobe transition crises.

Lightweight, opaque leggings with small gaping slashes fall like perfectly skinny jeans. The black and white palette allows for a rotation of looks to be formed from a small group of pieces. Shirts that reveal long stretches of bare shoulder, and perfect drapey tank dresses will stand apart from a sea of beach cover-ups that will undoubtedly loom in the coming weeks. We’d prefer an army of Shin-clad women striding our city’s blocks.
To order please email or call 212.343.217

SHIN Black Exposed Shoulder Top - $165.00 (also available in white)
SHIN Black Slash Leggings - $150.00
SHIN White Pleated Asymmetrical Dress - $350.00
SHIN Black Asymmetrical Drape Dress - $215.00

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