Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Nowness

Between fall and spring there is always a convergence, or a card deck shuffle of trends. We can cite two: the urban woodsman of fall and the minimal sophisticate of spring. The urban woodsman, in his (or her) autumnal plaid button down, a variation of a Quoddy boot or Topsider and crisp dark denim was sleek, but rugged and worn. The look hinted at glowing kitchens, gatherings of friends and the boon of nature – fresh air, sun, snow and the like. It will segue easily to spring, with lighter Breton stripes, softer denim and torn khakis. The urban yachtsman, if you will.

Then we have the new minimalism of spring, ushered in most notably by the press’s unequivocal citation of Phoebe Philo at CĂ©line. Refer to’s review of her Fall/Winter 2010 collection and the comparison to Helmut Lang (the original) and it was a done deal from the start. Minimal is the new everything: the small calf box bag, the paper leather shopper, and camel cashmere. A girl will practically be able to wear subdued silk fatigues to the Met. This gives a year-round feel to things.

Our favorite new accessories collection is perhaps our favorite for the reason that it embodies the quiet versatility of the aforementioned trends. Jackson's unisex flat zip bags are weathered, yet substantial; minimal yet not recessive – Balmain and Vuitton they are not. These will stand the test of time, and carry a value per wear. Rendered in parochial red, jean blue, black, chocolate brown and natural they range in size from portfolio to hand clutch, the latter of which have flown out of the store in multiples. It turns out there is a need for this new anti-“it” bag. They zip around the seam, and are sans handle. They are so perfectly classic that they don’t have the patience for second thoughts – get them while you can.

*Jackson Large ($325) and Small ($225) Clutches

The Large Natural Clutch - $325

*Study in black and grey: the Jackson Small Clutch in Black - $225


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