Sunday, April 25, 2010

Black and White and Green all Over...

Earth Day, Week, etcetera. Every day should be Earth Day! We all know consciousness is virtue when it comes to production, purchasing and living – but a life of green can be thought of as rough going, mentally and physically. The stiff, not quite colorful cottons, linens and wood chip infused cashmeres certified “organic” can make their own cases difficult when appealing to human senses.

A number of designers have risen above this initial challenge with the boon of major retailers, editors and customers rising to the cause. A unanimous sentiment amongst the progressive and stylish is that change is ALWAYS good, when done right – quality and transparency head to toe is the message now where “green” is concerned. The designers able to meet these standards are somewhat cultish as a result – quietly working to offer something beautiful, new and undiluted by harmful production practices, yet also working against the backlash of “eco” design.

As an answer to this, Debut is fortunate to have found Susan Woo, notably based purely on the seductive ease of her work rather than the specific aim to please a burgeoning ethics committee.

“Bonnie and Clyde”-inspired slim, silky pencil skirts, shoulder-baring tops and shirred body-hugging t-shirt dresses swayed our antennae in her direction, and there was an inherent value built into each garment – the knowledge that each piece is comprised of 100% natural, sustainable fiber sourced from like-minded partners. Her commitment and practice not only underscores, but allows the work to stand on its own, and yields this new sensibility of luxury: of wearing a deeply researched, impeccably worked garment.

Susan Woo Organic Fine Wool Cutout Dress - $1,013

Susan Woo Tangerine Silk Tank with Draped Cuffs - $298 (also available in black)
Ivory Silk Skirt with Vegetable Tanned Leather Corset Waist - $700

*Black Organic Cotton and Silk-sleeved Mini Dress (at top) - $537

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