Sunday, April 4, 2010

Return to Grace

Timo Weiland’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection will land in debut this week, inaugurated with a shopping event for the young Manhattan-based duo behind the design, Timo Weiland and Alan Eckstein. The label will also have a home here for the fall season, and its growing legion of fans will have a go-to place for the delicate frocks and sharp separates.

In anticipation, we decided to write a bit about the collection, but realized we don’t want to read into anything too much just yet (plus we still have Fall!). Instead, we procrastinated as usual, whiling away time on and viewing the film of Alexander McQueen's awe-invoking shows. And then a question arose: what indeed is a great designer made of?

Just skimming the surface here: an unadulterated love for and connection with fashion and the feminine form; designs for women to act as women, plain and simple; a palpable sensibility and drive. 

A few creators have forged this path, setting the benchmark for the authentic blend of passion, fresh perspective and strong construction integral to the formation of new and enduring collections. Timo Weiland has achieved the beginnings of this thread as of late in New York, with the creative energy and strong self-possession to back it up.

Timo and Alan's dialogue seems to naturally and lightly reference their life experiences to date: travel, family roots and Timo's early sewing work under the tutelage of his mother. Their focus on the art of creating beautiful and most importantly, personal garments is, for lack of better verbiage, nice to see in progress as we move forward, and the cycle of fashion continues in good form.

1: "Regal Trench" in camel - approximately $740
2: "Chantreuse Day Dress" in black with slip - approximately $665
"Minstrel Blazer" with silk/chiffon sleeves in black/navy - approximately $600
3: "Accordian Day Dress" in cream charmeuse and chiffon - approximately $495
"Ascot" scarf in black/white polkadot - approximately $100

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