Monday, February 8, 2010

Sleeping Beauty

French designer Aurore Thibout’s work possesses an initial fragile quality; a misty, sun-dappled aura, invoking a lithe girl bounding through a field montage. The delicate pieces arrived at Debut, and visions of The Princess Bride leapt forth. Airy tulle skirts and subtle trompe l’oleil embossed camisoles are fit for the most innocent of characters.

We digress with our fairytale raptures, though. It is important to note that Thibout studiously investigates performance art and costume design, summoning the intrinsic emotional aspects of these arenas in her own handwork. The longing to capture the beauty in ephemeral moments bursts forth in Thibout’s collection, and is evident both at first glance, and upon further inspection.

The spare, deceptive simplicity of the designs is undeniably graceful, and yet surprisingly confident and sensual – the pieces beg for a closer look, and demand appreciation. They’ll become staples – a pleated skirt will work well with bare legs come spring, and add a bit of lightness paired later with tights and cashmere. Most importantly, Aurore Thibout allows for us to play dress-up in our everyday lives.

* an ivory "memory relief" trompe l'oleil sleeveless dress

* tulle camisole with memory relief applique (a trompe l'oliel tuxedo detail)
* tulle pleat waist skirt
please note that these also come in black - we suggest owning both items to wear together on formal occassions, and seperately for work and play (hint: the tulle camisole with a men's tux)

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