Sunday, February 14, 2010

Once is Not Enough

Debut isn’t exactly the destination that comes to mind for a seasonal little black dress. It is, however, a veritable one-stop shop for the newest pieces to add to one’s collection. And if there is one thing we think trumps the LBD it’s a signature look as rendered by new designers.

Versace made his own; Chanel perhaps defined the concept of a signature look and Karl hammered it home; and now a couple of times each season new designers will do the same. We value this occurrence, since it gives us cause and joy to continue working with those who first struck us as golden from the upstart. Felder Felder would fall in this category.

We first wrote about the brand’s Fall 2010 collection here, and we waxed on and on about the rock and roll, studded glove-fit-like of the pieces. The sister design duo explored this aesthetic further for Spring, and rendered supple leather and knits into structured, interestingly cropped jackets, taught mini dresses and lean trousers.

Glittery armor-like elements and eye-catching cutouts add a lighter element of “tough”, yet these are offset by the color palette wherein gold is treated as a neutral, with the addition of slate, pale olive and peachy nude throughout.

It felt new, and it felt signature and true to the Felder Felder look – should that particular piece you fall for so happen to be a little black dress, rejoice in its newness and its ability to endure as these undoubtedly will.

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