Monday, February 22, 2010

And from this slumber you shall wake, when true love's kiss, the spell shall break

How long it takes to realize one’s inner style: whether to be minimal or a maximist; to be androgynous or feminine and whimsical. When one is an enthusiast for fashion, and the diversity and expression of its realm, it can be a quandary to be confident in a personal aesthetic. What would it be if distilled and bottled as a fragrance? So many options, so many places to go…so little closet space.

How fortunate then, that a characteristic of the industry is the arrival of up-and-coming designers who put forth work that is, quite simply, awesome (to borrow a phrase from the Olympic atmosphere this week). We’ve found this in Eun Jeong’s collection of off-kilter rock snow queen confections. Mini dresses and tops of linen, lace and silk have silver crystal details, and sculpted shoulders. These are wisps of clothing at first glance – and a sensory delight at that – yet strong.

A white on white palette provides the canvas to highlight the synthesis of material and detail, and lends airiness and delicacy. Jeong clearly knows the power of a classical ballet dancer’s costume (by which she was in part inspired): the strongest pieces are the least forced. Her collection simply floats, gem-like into your conscious. 

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