Sunday, January 31, 2010

If a girl looks swell when she meets you, who gives a damn if she's late? Nobody.

In these fast times when everything’s been done and redone, it’s an odd thing to look at a simple – yet beautifully made – piece of silk and think: “my, they’ve really cornered the market on scarves.” And still, with Loquita’s designs this is the case.

Founder Sara Rotman collected a lifetime of experiences and passion to form her debut range: Polo, a sport she learned from Argentine friends growing up; the thrill of the outdoor elements, and the spirited whimsy she was inherently drawn to in fashion. These are not altogether “basic” founding principles, and we imagine this is what makes Loquita special, and a true contribution.

The core designs include an oversized, loosely woven fine silk mesh scarf, its materialization cozy and lavish. These are punched up a bit with the distinctive prints: a circle of guns in graphic black and white or iconoclastic turquoise and raspberry. A take on the horse-bit theme is rendered as a heavy chain link and shackle. Also included are silk cravats, free of pretension and in reference to a modern dandy, the aesthetic of the most confident of sartorialists.

Of course there are classic silk pocket squares and traditional silk scarves that can be tied neatly around a ponytail, or cheekily around a wrist or the neck. The designs are pre-destined classics, and we are confident that her collection will become a designation of individuality and status in the hushed inner circles of style arbiters everywhere.

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