Monday, January 11, 2010

Seeing Colors

In the editorial world it’s been said that September is the January of fashion: the new beginning, the ushering in of a promised future of beautiful colors and textures. At Debut and throughout the retail universe, however, January truly marks an abrupt shift towards a set change. For a brief minute over the holidays a weighty curtain drops, yet once lifted the new characters trickle in, there’s a palpable shift in tone and the audience is reinvigorated…

We’re being a bit heavy in our metaphor usage, but it isn’t without purpose: Debut continues to be a gallery space for new or as of yet untold designers, and this arrangement has a theatric quality as the new players move into place.

We feel a fondness for our Autumn/Winter collections, but they’ve found wonderful homes, and we will continue to offer these pieces as the new collections rotate in. And what collections they will be! Please look to our main website and to the new sidebar of our blog for links to preview the Spring 2010 lineup.

Fortunately we’ll be seeing an early spring thaw, if you will, as new pieces arrive shortly in the form of Palm Beach-apropos baubles by designer Marsha Chun-Matsubara of ABAKUS. She named her collection after the mathematical tool (abacus), inspired by the beads of the machine she once scattered as a child. What we love is that there is absolutely nothing mathematical in her latest collection, “Cerco Verdeazzura”. The jewel-toned hues, bright elements and medusa tangles of beads are purely evocative of Chun-Matsubara’s emotional connection to collectible, wearable treasures.

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