Monday, December 14, 2009

Collective Sensibility

Over the weeks we’ve written about brands that provoke and intrigue; infrequently, however have we touched on the concept of design staples that are the keystone of a woman’s wardrobe. Obakki, founded in 2005 by Owner Treana Peake, seeks to provide creative classics that will serve as the aesthetic foundation for, and provide added value to wearers.

Obakki is in essence a collective; a cohesive sensibility of talented upstart designers that operates as a platform for innovation and excellence in fashion.  Each piece is a relevant contribution to ready-to-wear, and retains the Obakki finesse: the polished yet rustic slant Peake is recognized for today in her home-base of Vancouver. We appreciate that her inspiration is the young talent she finds herself surrounded by, and this is likewise a fundamental consideration in Debut’s approach to fashion.

This season it’s been a marriage of perfect proportions and fabrications: Obakki’s asymmetric thin leather jacket is razor-sharp in fit, and a pullover sheath dress in grey herringbone is ruched in the front and back, creating our new catch-phrase: “magic”. The dress has been snapped up by everyone who tries it on, including one woman who was looking specifically NOT looking for dresses; it was that good. 

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