Sunday, December 6, 2009

Running With the Shadows of the Light

Shadowplay is one of Debut’s newest treasures. The collection of hand-crafted “jewelry” - a term we use loosely, for the nature of this brand is so ephemeral - is comprised of lighter-than-air necklaces spun in the vein of cotton candy. Each piece is a harmony of 100% natural fibers: bamboo, cotton, silk, cashmere, mohair and organic and naturally-dyed merino wool. For excellent measure these mingle with Crystallized ™ Swarovski elements and certified Fair Trade black silver.

The evident workmanship and unabashedly luxe nature of the materials keeps the jewelry from veering into precious or craft-like territory. We’ve instantly taken to layering Shadowplay necklaces with simple t-shirts to add a hint of color and sparkle to our faces, and undoubtedly will be calling on these for impending festivities, or to hoist ourselves from mid-season sartorial melancholy.

Debut New York will host a trunk show this coming week to introduce the collection and designer Heather Goldberg, now based in Los Angeles where she creates her well-edited range of amorphous, mystical jewelry that seems born from the land, sea and everywhere unseen in between.


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