Tuesday, January 19, 2010

You Seek for Knowledge and Wisdom...

British designer Gemma Slack references some rather heady arenas in her second collection, citing contemporary armor, and religious and scientific iconography. These conjure a Mary Shelley gothic Frankenstein aesthetic, particularly in that Gemma's work remains thoughtful and sensitive, while working with material that can be construed as...difficult (human hair and untreated leather figure in her work).

In our synopsis it may seem that we're diminishing the depth and significance of Gemma's concepts, which delve into the artistic distinctions of ancient religious crusades, pre-industrial Japanese culture and Sci-Fi film. In fact, we are not; it's that she so seamlessly fuses inherently interesting and versatile materials to render very wearable shapes. We are apt to look beyond the intellectual framework of the collection's creation, and simply savor the end results.

A fluttering silk jacket is married to soft, leather sleeves in the vein of armor, and a slinky shell and mini skirt in slashed leather mirror the linear qualities of a skeleton. The pieces capture the essence of a land far, far away, of mythical novels languishing on a top shelf someplace waiting to be re-discovered. And yet - they are all new.

*Layer the above any which way (over a white or black tank, slick tights, floaty slips) and play with varrying degrees of bare.

*This jacket is a lone soldier: let it stand out, drape as it wants, and be your new second skin.

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