Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sense and Sensibility

Welcome back readers! We know you’ve just unpacked the old T. Anthony from your travels near and afar, but it’s time to gear up again. With the advent of a New Year, we have a new collection: Lost Property of London.

The collection of totes and carryalls is composed of recycled materials – namely, coffee bean sacks. Stay with us now – it’s not just another eco collection-cum-gimmick. The fabrics are light as air, and laundered to a high degree, rendering them silky to the touch. And there is something about the colors and remaining markings on the bags – “MERCANTA: The Coffee Hunters, May 2009” or “Cafés do Brasil” – that hint at important and exotic beginnings.

Lost Property Founder, Katy Bell, finds a story in each material and tags her designs with notes from the former incarnations, “I started life as a coffee sack, full of beans. Places to go, people to feed. But then I was empty, lost. And now? I am found. Transformed into a beautiful bag.”

This Velveteen Rabbit quality is one that appeals. The need to swoop these neat totes and duffels up is strong. And they are quite useful too. A flat messenger is backed and trimmed in soft, durable leather to lend stability and longevity. Top handles give it dual carriage potential. Cheerful red and white ticking cloth lines the interiors.

A jaunty back pack with leather straps will be a perfect springtime in Central Park compliment – pair with a lightweight Whit dress (coming soon), or bring it on your next voyage South.

The piece de resistance is a surprisingly oversized duffel. We laughed when we unpacked it – where would it go in the store? For the intrepid traveler though, it’s the only thing you need. People will wonder on what distant excursion you are embarking…a sensible and intriguing individual you will seem.

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