Monday, December 20, 2010

Lights all a-glow

As we started to pack up for the festivities to come in the days following, our eyes kept catching on a new glint in our jewel cases: Orly Genger by Jaclyn Mayer’s spring-inducing collection of hand-woven neon jewelry.

The collection rendered by Mayer and inspired by artist, Genger’s rope-like sculptures, is a true collaboration, and representative of the creative cores of both designers. Genger’s work is at once simple and monumental, challenging the eye and space it occupies. Mayer is joyful in her approach, and capable of hard and soft – as evident in the splashy colors of rope, intertwined with gleaming dark chains.

The collection has been adapted to the runway work of designer Victoria Bartlett of VPL, and Lela Rose – arguably opposite ends of the ready-to-wear spectrum, and has instant tactile and visual appeal. Wonderfully vibrant statement necklaces will anchor floaty frocks come spring break. In the interim, thick bracelets that are light as a feather stand in for an updated, season-less take on the classic Nantucket rope bracelet. The new film, TRON comes to mind with slick silver, deep blues and pops of orange and yellow – buy now, wear now, and wear later!

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