Sunday, January 23, 2011

We Are Golden

At début, we like to surprise everyone – even ourselves! And it happens frequently. Fashion is better seen first-hand, like 3-D movies in theaters. But, if you can’t make it to a runway, you can still dream up your seasonal wish lists. When the time comes, you’ll venture forth, expedition-like, and seek to lay your hands on the object of your magazine affections. And it will be shinier, and more perfectly-rendered than imagined.

This makes the new season’s receipts that much more anticipated – they aren’t just new, they are better than our original impressions. This is precisely the case with Esquivel. We knew Esquivel, with its twisted-traditional aesthetic and hand-made integrity would be a jewel of a collection for the store, but we didn’t know we would want to wear it NOW.

Clean-cut, sharply styled, just on the farthest border of androgyny – the shoes are true “kicks”. Only the softest, lightest leathers are employed, and the workmanship is evident and charming. It seems possible the shoes came to existence organically – as opposed to being pieced together in a studio.

Zeus flashes of gold trim oblong cutouts on a pale, caramel leather brogue boot. A lace and zip front toughens the exterior. Slick, jazz-age white patent oxfords are light as air with similar cutouts. Then our favorites: 24 karat gold metallic oxfords, with raw edged will give flight to your transitional wardrobe. Come summer, on Governor’s island, you’ll lie back, cross your ankles and your shoes will glow in the sun. How perfect.

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