Sunday, July 25, 2010

Where the Fashion Things Are...

We’ve all been party or privy to it: the eye roll incited by designer children’s clothing past the dreamy baby shower stage. Kids grow out of things! They rip and roar around – little machines of accidental destruction! They touch anything white with tiny hands covered in chocolate ice cream! While the look of a frilly frock is endearing on a young one, in the current mode of “sensible” parenting a dichotomy exists between children and designer garb.

We believe that the way one dresses is a form of personal expression, and the same is true for kids. The curiosity of a little girl in the throes of a wardrobe crisis, or on the high of donning a new princess concoction is telling: the way they respond to colors and textures a sign of who they are. Some of our happiest recollections are of our own mother surprising us with something new and crisp from Laura Ashley, an excitement we maintain still. The mutual joy of the exchange of beautiful things is undeniable, so why not sprinkle a few lovely items into their wardrobes?

With this in mind the owner of début, a mother of two, was inspired to source the perfect offerings to incorporate into a children’s pop-up boutique, set to be a one stop stock-up for pre-fall treasures. From France we have custom mother-daughter handbag sets in glossy, hand-crafted scalloped patent leather (The French & English Confectioners)…from England we have the venerable Lucy Sykes collection of delicate separates…from New York via Brazil there is Melissa’s collection of non-toxic, sustainable plastic shoes for little girls in collaboration with Vivienne Westwood. Imagine cotton candy colors, hearts and bows. And since it's about fashion 24-7, Matooka Kids provides the whimsy with playful appliqués and details including star studded collar dresses, lace pocket tunics, heartshaped buttons, mini trench coats and lots of leopard. Kiki Catlett brings original prints to silk and cotton dresses.

It’s a celebration of youth and creativity. Designer, yes – joyful, more so.

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