Sunday, July 18, 2010

I Pursued Nature to her Hiding Places

There is a time for each human when he or she will be struck by the full visual power of nature; from the beautiful yet torrential and forbidding waters of a deep ocean straight, to craggy centuries old land formations along the shores of Southern France. The latter is dappled with branches and trees in wild, restless formations… keepsakes from another lifetime, just as the sun-scorched rocks are.

There’s an innate force in the natural world, drawing us to what is dangerous – fire, unsafe ground and extreme temperatures – in pursuit of the raw and the real. It’s the rare artist who can coax these same elements into something more human and personal, but no less awe-inspiring.

Valerie MacCarthy of Paris is a jewelry designer – singer – songwriter, who has achieved this with her debut collection, titled “Ring of Fire”. The range has a smooth, hard-looking but weightless appeal, rendered in rich naturally finished wood evocative of 1970s sleek.

Liquidy silver drips mimicking the licks of a white-hot flame have been applied around perfectly circular rings, bangles and earrings. A superhero-worthy ring of silver and smoky quartz packs a glamorous punch. A nod to deco is apparent in the mix and balance of materials and juxtaposition of shapes, while simplicity – owing to the natural references at heart – is inherent. These are destined to become keepsakes indeed. 

Ring of Fire Smoky Quartz Ring - $525

Ring of Fire Large Wood Bangle - $865

*Opening photo courtesy of Valentine Merriman

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