Sunday, August 22, 2010

Limoncello...where are you?

Welcome back! Following a seemingly endless, sultry summer, we’re all yearning for a palette cleanser. Smooth, weightless, but character-filled transitional items that will help us segue perfectly into the fervor that will be back-to-everything come Labor Day.

Some of us have been away for August, and upon return to our little oasis at début I’ve come face to face with yet a new collection, Porcelain. What a perfect name for this sea wall grey range of items (some pieces with hints of lurex sparkle, others in chiffon with all-over nude sequins). A perfectly contoured sleeveless jersey dress mimics the lines of a bustier without the boning and threat of breathlessness. The melting butter-soft long-sleeved tee will be a perfect throw-on-over-everything filler for our closets, and a neat little long-sleeved sheath will take us all over the city starting, oh, probably sometime next week. There is a reference to post-war industrial garb throughout the collection; however the subtlety of this provides depth and quality to the garments, without appearing theme-oriented.

Long live neutral colors, the simplicity of seaming, and a touch of sparkle as we herald the excitement yet to come this fall! Also: Need I say, “Stay tuned for Fashion’s Night Out?” Thought not…

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