Friday, September 18, 2009

Michael, Be Mine

Fashion is celebrating itself this week. We recently ruminated on the singular essence captured by Fashion’s Night Out, and now we are at the culmination of a wave of shows and presentations held to usher in the Spring 2010 season. The spirit is one of natural renewal; nothing is forced, rather designers are listening to consumers while staying true to their aesthetic values. The results are the foundation for a perfect balance between innovation and relevance in our evolving consumer society.

Debut New York celebrates fashion in this sense: we seek out, respond to and showcase original, desirable and fearless designs that embody the natural flow and exuberance of fashion, while adding new depth. Michael Angel is a designer who we immediately recognized these qualities in, and we were thrilled to have his second-ever collection in Debut New York for the Fall 2008 season. The fluid hand of the fabrics, strength and spontaneity of colors, and deceptively simple cuts felt new and intrinsically valuable. The collection evoked a strong emotional response from shoppers seeking out or meeting his work for the first time, and it is only apropos that Michael was chosen to officially kick off Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week on September 10th. His Spring 2010 collection is a harmonized composition of textiles, structures and colors embodying his particular vision, and signifying an overall evolution.

We look forward to more from Michael in the seasons to come; in the interim we’ll continue to live in and layer his watercolor leggings and silky boy-cut tanks as the cold winds of fall wash through Bryant Park.

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  1. So happy you started a blog!!!
    Looking forward to lots of great posts on emerging fashion designers!