Sunday, September 27, 2009

Cool Britannia

Humor me on a brief diversion from the subject of fashion: The title of this entry, “Cool Britannia”, is the name of a favorite, discontinued flavor of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. It was a creamy blend of strawberry ice cream with milk chocolate-covered shortbread tumbled throughout - odd, yet perfect. The fact that this flavor’s name contains the adjective, “cool” is apropos in reference to a British-inspired creation, because what is British is cool.

London Fashion Week celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary this past week in true to form paradoxically low-key and raucous ways – from the avant-garde of Jeremy Scott, to the glam pastels of Christopher Bailey’s continuation of that bastion of innovation in the classic tradition, Burberry. That one country effortlessly plays host to so many tastes while producing significant contributions to the international design scene is a testament to its authenticity, fortitude, and perhaps reason for the undeniable cool factor evident in so many collections born there. The atmosphere is diverse, open and fosters a certain competitive individuality.

We at Debut like what’s cool, amongst other characteristics of course. Consequently our space is consistently home to a rotation of London-bred labels, which we’ll be writing about in the coming weeks. Each brand retains a certain indefatigable British-ness. One of our favorites this season is Aminaka Wilmont. Helmed by duo Marcus Wilmont and Maki Aminaka Lofvander the range is marked by sharp silhouettes that fuse feminine form with androgynous tendencies. A deceptively glitzy nod to punk is evident in shiny jet bead-like zippers looped and coiled for a chandelier effect on sheath dresses and contoured miniskirts. Highly attuned to and fascinated by shape, the designers created the perfect addition to outerwear this season: an ever so lightly padded sleeveless leather vest with a perfectly molded torso; a blend of present tense luxe with an imagined future, and perfect for crisp weather in any country.

Above: Debut New York's choice for the season's Little Black Dress: made in England (of course), 100% fine wool with jet black zipper loop detailing - $2,110.00. Please call 212.343.2717 or email: for inquiries.
Below: The Zipper Cuff; a bit of London glam to coil around the wrist - $360.00.

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