Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fashion Halloween

It is inevitable that we’ll inaugurate the Debut New York blog with a remembrance of Fashion’s Night Out, or the Oscars of Fashion Week if you will, which took place world-wide on Thursday, September 10th. For one night the collective body of the consumer public was distilled into a well-trained operation with a mission to go forth, leave behind daily minutiae and dinner plans, and be okay with shopping. One of the benefits of our world at large is that it contains an astounding array of innovation and beauty in the form of consumables. Why not be amongst these items, partake in the offerings and support a once highly functioning retail scene?

In the months leading up to FNO there was a crescendo of buzz helped in large parts by Anna Wintour’s appearance on David Letterman, the coinciding and anticipated opening of The September Issue, and the involvement of the inimitable Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Diane von Furstenberg. New York became a stage set for possibility. On Thursday at last, as the sun went down and a hint of rain stirred the air, our city streets had a tensely alive glow emanating from typically darkened store windows. Women and men of all ages and from all boroughs milled about perhaps to shop or otherwise simply marvel at the spectacle and at the very least feel a part of a process. It was a bit spooky in a sense for so many people to be running loose in the context of fashion, and it was undeniably exciting. Like the change in the air that seems to occur fleetingly on Halloween, one wants the sensation to last. 

Debut New York was happy to host the evening with Omelle, a Los Angeles-based collection of luxury footwear helmed by Founders Cherise Angelle and Nicole LaFave. Omelle’s designs are born of a pure love for design, innovation and an authentic point of view on luxury – Cherise and Nicole fittingly bonded over their mutual interest while pursuing advanced degrees in design at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. Their synergy and diverse, yet complimentary talents and inclinations (Cherise has worked in luxury product placement, while Nicole has a background in graphic and knitwear design) allow for Omelle to be at once a new and strong presence in the footwear arena. We love their well-balanced, striking designs that can perfectly enhance or ground an overall look, and their clearly evolving design language that references luxe textiles and architectural elements. We look forward to wearing these three styles this fall, and long for spring to see what will come next. This, I think, summarizes Fashion’s Night Out simply: our appreciation and anticipation for great fashion has been stimulated, and we’re ready to move forward - for now taking each step clad in an Omelle cut-out bootie.

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