Monday, April 4, 2011

True Whit

Lightness of being, self-satisfaction, and objects of whimsy: these are a few of our favorite “things” for spring.

Enter designer Whitney Pozgay, a bright young talent (Arizona born) based in Brooklyn. Her vaguely namesake collection, WHIT, perfectly embraces all things pretty, easy, chic and un-self conscious. Take her online “inspiration board” ( titled “Fundamentals”. Keith Harring…Shibori dying techniques…retro cult surf films. The essences of these great elements have been referenced and refined by Whitney – but never derived. Her collection speaks for itself, and comes from a romantic, but none too serious mind.
Let's go...somewhere

A flouncy, but not sweet white linen Urchin dress is clean and what we’ll long for in the long months ahead. Imagine its stark lines, lit by white hot sun against an azure blue vacation sky. Sweet, cheeky olive drab overalls come slightly cropped, and tailored just so. The wearer will feel jaunty, and unexpectedly compelled to don a lean bandeau to peek out from beneath.

 Lisa Marie Fernandez suits go well with cool WHIT looks. Summer packing: done-zo, as they say in the O.C.

Shorts, swing tops and apron dresses pop with tribal black and white. A tank top has a “porthole” opening in the back. For fun’s sake, we’ll call it all very witty

 Urchin Dress, Porthole Tank, Khaki Skirt will take you...

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