Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Swim like a fish...

Sang A, one of the brightest talents versed in exotic textures and shapes, has indulged us with new pale colors and matt python for summer. Her signature “Pop” and “Mini Pop” handbags sing a certain secret siren song to passers-by and travelers from afar who come here just to seek a longed-for tote or clutch.

We have written about Sang A Im-Propp before, the multi-faceted, Korean-born dancer turned pop star, turned New York-based designer. She blazed a trail on stage in front of millions of fans abroad, and parlayed this turn in the spotlight into a deep investigation of personal style and self-creation – the strengths of a born performer. Her instincts were right, and she quickly found her niche in fashion with kick-y shapes and ultra luxe textures and skins.

This season we have the palest blue fish skin Mini Pop – the new icon – and a bucket-sized matt coal python Pop bag. Slightly rough and discreet, and just what Sang A offers that others do not.

Mini Pop / Mint-Blue / Natural Fish

Pop / Black Matte Python

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