Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dress Me Up in Diamonds

Whilst not technically composed of diamonds, Holly Fulton’s eponymous Perspex, Swarovski crystal and metal jewelry designs stand alone. So strong is the aesthetic impact of each that we liken the effect to the dazzle of a diamond in the proverbial rough.

Winner of the Young Designer of the Year category at the Scottish Fashion Awards, her debut Autumn/Winter 2009 collection synthesized the linear, yet seductive qualities of Art Deco design and paired the unique patterns with clean, monochromatic – yet sing-song bold – colors. The Holly Fulton look, it seems, is one that pops: visually gratifying with a tactile, nearly audible presence.

She abstracted the key elements of her RTW into glam neckwear, which we’ve loaded up on for the season. Each necklace is a relief of Holly’s rendering of Deco on steroids, imagined with glam robotic inflections. We find these have an intrigue of their own (our visitors often wonder just what the pieces are), and wear so well that they’ve invoked the simple and ultimate compliment, “wow,” on more than a few occasions. Holly Fulton jewelry should be paired with anything and everything.

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