Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cocktails and Dreams...

Paris-based, Belgian designer Cathy Pill is a designer hyphenate: splashy-yet-sophisticated, stirring-conversational-feminine…we can go on. Highly regarded in the editorial realm from the start, she has been characterized as having “zing”, as well as a “sensitivity and an analytical approach”.

We’ve found that the fashion critics have agreed on a common truth: Cathy Pill has a design lexicon fully stocked with Belgian Art Nouveau references, and an intuition for combining structure, draping and unique colors and patterns. Without appearing overly complicated, the work evokes intrigue in nearly anybody passing by.

Each design has its own specific identity and purpose, resulting from Cathy’s common language. Take for instance our window this week. We’ve noticed a few shoppers stalking a particular dress: a shift with a gently folded asymmetric neckline. The applied pattern is a quiet riot of lava flow orange, and newspaper black and white – an organic, nearly living and breathing work of art.

Begging to be worn under a sharply-tailored blazer is an asymmetric sheer dress, cut on the bias with a high neck and inverted “train” hem. It’s a subdued cousin of our window dress, and a distant, refined relative of the phoenix red, deconstructed “swing dress”, an exaggerated thing that can be manipulated 10+ ways on the body. Beyond the surface aesthetic, Cathy Pill designs are shape-shifters – once on the female form they take on new life, becoming the wearer’s own. This is our second season with the collection, and we’re pleased to be bringing this forward for Spring 2010 – stay tuned.

Springing to life on the runway:

Simple Drama:

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