Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It's All in the Wrist

Summer, like winter, can halt the momentum of city-dwellers. The extremes of temperature and other natural elements can be cause to drop on the nearest Bauhaus chair and call it a day.
What you should do instead is look for a window…a small, curtained portal to the creative tidal pools tending to exist during these quieter months. You might find yourself taken with watercolor painting, sailing, a language course, and in the case of many of debut’s curious visitors, the art of design. And it is indeed an art. The genesis of a beautiful garment is often a beautiful sketch. Of course draping and a keen eye come into play, but a sketch can be the livelihood of a designer’s aesthetic (ahem, Monsieur Lagerfeld).
In addition to the Basics Fashion Design book series we stock – an encyclopedic range of finely researched artistic resources – we’ve added a secret weapon to the mix: Hokey Croqui’s sketchpads.  This magical, rounded edge, sturdy notebook features sheets and sheets of pre-drawn mannequins. The artist chooses a favorite stance, his or her favorite sketch tool, and goes to work on the creative. When complete, photocopy the paper and watch the original mannequin’s figure disappear, leaving only a perfectly formed gown…or a Le Smoking…or, well, you get the picture. The layout is at once a shortcut and a training process, allowing for fluidity of the hand.
It’s the perfect lakeside occupation for the casual aesthete and a bit of a vacation for the obsessed sketch artist.   

$20.00 each, personalized by debut, and for your eyes only with a robin's egg blue organza closure

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